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Compare removal cost from several moving Companies

On this site, in 5 simple steps you can compare, quickly and easily, quotes from several relocation firms. Save up to 35% on your removal costs! Simply fill in the online request form, and these moving companies will contact you directly with their removal costs and quotes.

Removal costs

A removal cost is calculated by taking into consideration: packing, volume, loading, unloading and time traveling to the destination, as well as how many removal porters it will take to clear the property in the given time frame. Long distances can be considerably put up the removals costs, this is because of the high fuel prices with a commercial moving vehicle only managing around 10 miles to the gallon (around 60p per mile). Labour removal costs also contribute as wages still have to be paid even though the porters are not working just traveling and enjoying the view.

Removals costs

Restrictions on driver's hours will also come into total sum of removal cost. There is also a removals cost for a night out money (subsitance), parking removals costs and wear and tear on a vehicle to include as well. If you do have a long distance to relocate have a cup of tea ready for your removal company when they arrive, after all they have just spent the night sleeping in the van protecting your belongings.

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